Notes on lesson on Our Earth |

Our Earth

After completing this lesson, student must be able to:

  • Explain the life and ecosystem of earth.
  • Describe the globe and location on the earth.
  • Define world time zones and Greenwich mean time.
  • Sketch map and use map.
  • Explain about different climate.
  • Various features of Nepal.
  • Explain Asia, Europe and Australia as a continent.
  • Describe about SAARC and their member.


The Socio-economic Activites of Australia

Australia has unique plant and animal life. Western Australia produces more than the half a number of metallic minerals. This note has information about Australia's economic and social activities.

The Physical Features of Australia

Australia is the smallest continents. It is six times smaller than then Asia three times smaller than North America. It is an island therefore , it is also called Island. It has the least population. The driest and the least populated continent another name of Australia. It lies in the Southern hemisphere.The topic of Capricorn passes through. It lies between 144oE to 154oE.longitudes and 10oS to 40oS latitudes. It also provides the information about the

Free Hand Map Work

A free map work is a sketch drawn by the hand without using any instruments, measurement or by a scale. It is an imaginary line drawn freely in the copy or paper. It is useful to show the direction and location

Water Resources of Nepal and its Uses

Nepal is rich in natural resources and it is second richest having highly potential in term of water resources .There are more than 6000 rivers including big and small .The economic development of the country depends on how water has been utilized .Rivers are the main sources of electricity. It also provides the information about the water resources of Nepal and its use, first-grade river, second-grade river, third-grade river and use of rivers, disasters caused and their management and so.

Knowledge on Distance

Statement scale is the method of expressing the ratio of length on paper and on the surface in words. The fractional method for portraying the scale of a map uses a representative fraction to describe the ratio between the map, and the real world is representative scale. The depicts scale using a line with separation mark by smaller intersection lines, smaller to a ruler is Graphical scale.

Diversified Geographical Features and Lifestyles in Nepal

Nepal has wonderful variation in its landform and climate conditions. Owing to such variation Nepal also possesses a diverse type of natural vegetation ranging from the sub-tropical evergreen forest of the Terai belt to the pine forest, mountain grassland and tundra type of Himalayan Region. This note provides the information about diversified geographical features and lifestyle in Nepal.