Notes on lesson on We and Our Community |

We and Our Community

After completing this lesson, student must be able to:

  • Describe the process of measuring development.
  • Explain about world population .
  • Describe the measuring human development.
  • Explain the indicators and human development Index .
  • Describe the women development.
  • Explain the  sustainable development.
  • Describe the need and importance of sustainable development.
  • Explain the methods of sustainable development.


Social Development

Social development includes social interactive skills with children and adults, social understanding and empathy, friendships, play and leisure skills, personal and social independence and socially appropriate behaviour.

Types of Societies

Human beings have created and lived in several types of societies throughout the history. There are different types of societies. The societies have varied experiences from hunting and gathering to industrialized society.

Elements of Good Society

Elements of a good society indicate the combination of social facts seen by a sociologist in the society. Elements of society refer to the basic characteristics of a society. They help in the development of the society.


Socialization is the process of social interaction by which people acquire those behaviors essential for effective participation in society, the process of becoming a social being. It is essential for the renewal of culture and the perpetuation of society. The individual and society are mutually dependent on socialization.

Our Identification

Everyone has spiritual identification that identifies who they are and to whom they belong. A man without identity is simply worthless. Identity is just like a shadow which walks with us an doften compared with soul as it never dies.

National Pride

Our Country Nepal is amazing and incomparable in terms of Natural beauties. It is also the richest countries in terms of National Pride. We are recognized as honest, simple and innocent people in the World. The World recognise Nepal, as the Country of highest mountain Sagarmatha, birth place of Lord Buddha, World's shortest man Chandra Bahadur Dagi and The Brave Gorkhas.