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Our Past

After completing this lesson, student must be able to:

  • Describe about Delhi agreement and end of revolution of 2007 BS.
  • Describe tripartite agreement between Congress, Rana and Tribhuvan signed history agreement.
  • Political activities between 2007 to 2017 B.S.
  • Describe the direct rule and ban on political parties.
  • Explain about socio-economic achievements from 2007 BS to 2017 BS.
  • Describe the events between 2017 B.S. and 2036 B.S.
  • Describe the political and historical events between 2036 B.S. and 2046 B.S.
  • Write the about of First and Second World War .


Political Activities Between 2007 B.S. and 2017 B.S.

  1. The Rana regime ended on 7th Falgun, 2007 B.S. and democracy was declared. Party politics began in Nepal in the leadership of Nepali Congress and Nepal Communist Party.
  2. The decade between 2007 B.S. to 2017 B.S. is thus known as the party and democratic politics history. 
  3. On 25th Kartik 2008 B.S., the 5 ministers representing Nepali Congress gave their resignations from the government.  The day after, Mohan Shamser was forced to resign as well and the ministry cabinet was dissolved.
  4. King Tribhuwan announced a 14 member ministry on 1st Mangsir 2008 B.S. led by Matrika Prasad Koirala.
  5. The Democratic United Front was formed with the involvement of various parties and organizations existing then including Nepal Praja Parisad.
  6. King Tribhuwan, according to advice from his consulting donors, formed a 5 member government including Keshar Shamser and they would answer only to the king and had to get permission from the king to implement any plans.
  7. Matrika Prasad Koirala separated from Nepali Congress and formed Rastriya Praja Party. King Tribhuwan announced the 5 member government led by Matrika Pd. Koirala.
  8. King Tribhuwan deceased on 30th Falgun 2011 B.S. and his son Mahendra was crowned the king on 4th Chaitra 2012 B.S.
  9. King Mahendra formed an advisory government under the leadership of Sardar Gunjman Singh and started direct rule seeking advice from the 5 member committee.
  10. A 7 member government was formed under the leadership of Tanka Prasad Acharya. This government was dissolved on 31st Asar 2014 B.S.
  11. King Mahendra then recalled Dr. KI Singh, who was living in China as an exile, and formed a 11 member government under his leadership.
  12. A 5 member constitution development committee was formed on 3rd Chaitra 2015 under the leadership of Bhagwati Prasad Singh, and including some foreign aides.
  13. This committee prepared a constitution and it was declared as Nepal’s Constitution 2015 B.S. on 1st Falgun 2015 B.S.
  14. A general election was held from 7th Falgun 2015 B.S. for 109 constituencies.
  15. BP Koirala was elected the Prime Minister and a 19 member government was formed on 13th Jestha 2016 B.S.

Revolution of 2007 B.S. and Delhi Agreement

The record of social, political, economical, cultural, activities of past is known as history. This note has information about the reasons for revolution and the changes brought by the revolution.

Causes of the First World War

In 1914, the world was affected by a serious war which is known as First World War. This note gives a detailed information about the various causes of First World War.

Causes of Second World War

The war that started on 1st September 1939 A.D. and spread worldwide and lasted till 1945 A.D. causing huge destruction of lives and properties is known as Second World War. This note has information about the causes of the second world war.

Consequences and Effects of Second World War

The destructive and devastating war that took place from 1st September 1939 to 12th September 1945 is known as Second World War. There were great changes that occurred after the war. This note has information about the consequences of the second world war.

Political Activities Between 2017 B.S. to 2046 B.S.

Various political incidents took place between 2017 B.S. and 2046 B.S. This note has information about the events between 2017 B.S. and 2046 B.S.

Reasons for the Rise and Fall of the Panchayati System

There were various reasons for the rise and fall of Panchayati System. This note provides information about those reasons and why they fell.

Political Activities from 2046 B.S. to 2062 B.S.

Various events took place after 2046 B.S. The second elections to the parliament was held on 29 Baisakh 2048 BS. This note has information on major political changes that occurred after 2046 B.S.