Notes on lesson on Civic Sense |

Civic Sense

After complete this lesson, student must be able to:

  • Describe the criteria to be a candidate of legislative parliament.
  • Describe the importance of executive and Judiciary.
  • Explain the types and definition of constitutional organs.
  • Describe objectives of political parties.
  • Explain the general election process.
  • List the articles in the universal declarations of human rights and its historical background.
  • Define an issues of national concerns.
  • Describe the measures to promote national integrity.


Political Parties

A group of organized people with the same political aim, ideology, objective, and program are called political parties. This note has information about the type of political parties, its role and objectives.

Human Rights and National and International Agencies

Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms that all people are entitled to regardless of their age, sex, nationality, etc. This note has information about human rights.

Subjects of National Concern

Those matters connected with a state which all the citizens of the state need to understand and follow are called national concerns. There are 3 issues of national concerns, they are national integrity, broader encroachment and self-esteem/self-respect. This note has information about national concern.

Roles of Citizen in an Election

Every citizen has to play a significant role to conduct a systematic, fair and free election in the democratic process. The citizen should have to pay attention to their responsibility towards an election. This note has information about the role of a citizen in an election.

Constitutional Organs

The arranged institutions made in the constitution of a country in order to carry out additional functions are called constitutional organs. This note has information about the constitutional organs.


Executive is an important organ of the government that is responsible for putting the laws and order into effects. It is also known as Council of Ministers or cabinet or government. This note has information on executive.


Judiciary is an independent, highly honorable and impartial organ of government which applies and explains the laws formulated by legislature and enforced by the executive. This note has information on judiciary and its types.