Notes on lesson on Social Problems And Solutions |

Social Problems And Solutions

After complete this lesson, student must be able to:

  • Explain the causes of social problem.
  • List the bad customs present in our society.
  • Explain the causes and effects of corruption.
  • Describe the effects and detection of drug .
  • Write a advantages and disadvantages of refugee in Nepal.
  • Explain the features and works of various  social organizations.
  • Describe about Introduction of Scout. 
  • Describe the contribution of Red Cross society in Nepal.



A refugee is a person who flees to another country. There are more than one lakh refugees in Nepal. There are some problems of refugee such as adulteration, fraud, theft, deforestation, pollution and etc. This note has information about refugee problem.


Any substance which affects body and mind is called a drug.Regular use of a drug which makes the users dependent on the substance in order that they can't live without it is called drug abuse. This is a note about Drugs effects, cause, solution and so on.

Roles of Scout in Nepal

The Scout Association is the world's largest social service organization which was founded in England in 1907 A.D. It was founded by Baden Powell who was a British army officer. This note has information on the role of the scout in Nepal.

Bad Customs of Our Society

A practice or rule of conduct established in a particular community, locality, or trade, by long usage and obligatory on those within its scope having bad effects on it is called bad customs. This note has information about some of the prevailing bad customs of Nepal.

Some Other International Organizations

Social organizations are non-profitable organizations which have established for the welfare of the society that provides required services at free cost to solve financial, political and social problems. This note has information about the role of some social organizations to eradicate the social problems.

Roles played by International Organizations in Solving Social Problems

The Red Cross Society is an international organization that was established on 26th October 1863 A.D. in Geneva, Switzerland. A famous Swiss baker named Jean Henry Dunant founded it. This note has information about the contribution of Red Cross and SOS in Nepal.

Social Evils

All those social practices, for example, customs, traditions, festivals, norms and values which affect particular gender, caste, elders are called social evils. For example child marriage, ghumto pratha, chhaupadi pratha and etc. This note has information about social evils that are prevailing in our society.