Notes on lesson on Our Traditions, Social Values And Norms |

Our Traditions, Social Values And Norms

After completing  this lesson, student must be able to:

  • Explain social values, norms and heritage.
  • Explain the reflection of folk song on local culture.
  • Introduce folk musical instrument.
  • Categories the traditional Nepali musical instruments.
  • Write a differences between classical dance and folk dance.
  • Explain the features and importance of some national days.
  • Describe the meaning of international personalities.
  • List the persons of international personalities.


Our National Days

The particular days in which great changes, events, or declarations have been made for the welfare of the concerned people, tribe, class, or the whole country is known as national days. This note has information on national days celebrated in Nepal.

Folk Musical Instrument of Nepal

The music which is played during an event like jatras, fairs, festivals, ceremony, etc is called folk music. Folk music is related to a particular place, race, religion and culture, etc. This note has information on the folk musical instrument of Nepal.

Our Classical and Folk Dances

The dance which is composed based on a particular religion usually using an established form and supposed not to be played on electric instruments. Classical music is generally considered to be serious and to have a lasting value. This note has information on classical and folk dances of Nepal like Dhan, Chandi, Guna etc.

Our National Heritages

A World Heritage Site is a place that is listed by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as of special cultural or physical significance. Nepal is rich in natural and cultural heritages. This note has information about our heritages that are listed in the world heritage.

Traditional Nepali Musical Instruments

A musical instrument is an instrument created or adapted to make musical sounds. Traditional musical instruments are played during festivals, jatras, and marriages and according to the place, caste, religion and culture. This note has information about various kinds of traditional nepali musical instruments.

Our Traditional Dances

Traditional Dances is the dance which is performed in a particular area or country with the help of traditional music and song. Our traditional dances are of two kinds.They are classical dance and folk dance. This note has information on traditional dances of Nepal.