Notes on lesson on Correspondence |





Correspondence is the most means of written communication. It is the process of exchanging official information between individuals and organizations of different places. This note explain briefly explain about correspondence it importance and objectives.

Qualities and Parts of a Good Letter

A letter is written with a definite objective. The achievement of such objectives depends upon the effectiveness of the letter. An effective letter gives the positive impression and impels the receiver to do the job as the writer wants. This note explains about the qualities of a good letters and different parts of a letter.

Types of letter

A letter is written by different organizations for various purposes. Letters are different from one another on the basis of objective and importance or priority. This note provides information about the different types of a letter on the basis of objective and priority.

Handling Mails and Office Information

Handling mail is a process of receiving, recording and dispatching the receiving and sending letters and documents in properly. This note is about handling the incoming mail, notice, circular and mandatory.