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Office Resources

Office Resources


Introduction and Importance of Office Resources

Office resources are the inputs which are the means for obtaining outputs. The office resources are manpower, materials, and sources of income, means of transportation and means of communication. This note provides you with the introduction, meaning and definition and importance of office resources.

Types of Office Resources (Manpower)

This note of class 9 provides you with the brief introduction about manpower, its types and manpower development.

Materials and Source of Income

This note provides you with the brief introduction about office materials and sources of income.

Means of Transportation

Transportation Means the process of physical movement of products and people from one place to another place. It facilitates to distribute goods from the production place to another place inside or outside the country. This note provides the brief introduction to different means of transportation.


Communication is a systematic and continuous process of telling, listening and understanding the official information. This note briefly explain about importance of communication and it types.

Barriers to Effective Communication

Effective communication makes the receiver to understand the meaning of message as per the intention of the sender. This note descriobe about the barriers to effective communication.