Review of concepts of measurement and scales


Measurment and physical scales.

Measurement is the assignment of numerical to objects or events according to some rule.Actually, measurement is done on the indicants of the properties of objects. Indicant is merely a convenient word used to mean something that points to something else. For instance, if a boy continually strikes underlying hostility.Since the classification is the major objective of the nominal scale, it is also called classification scale. In nominal scale, the scaling operation is the partitioning of the given universe into a number of the mutual subset

Characteristics of scale.

The various factors to be measured must be logically interrelated and should be in the form of continued measurement rather than stray facts here and there. Care has to be taken to include only such items facts which are clear, unambiguous and falling on different points of a continuum. The reliability coefficient for t6he whole test also called stepped up reliability is calculated by the spearman-Brown formula.