Size of sample


Frame work and size of sample.

Frame list is the list of the population units which the sample units are selected. The list is sometimes called as the frame. If the list is not available, it should be before conducting the main survey.While testing the reliability of the sample, the size of the sample is an important factor to be considered. This is because the size has a direct bearing on the accuracy of estimation, cost and administration of the survey.

Classification and its types.

This chapter does with the statistical methods. Those who have already knowledge about the basic statistical methods may ignore this chapter. In fact in previous chapters, some basic knowledge os statistical. This chapter is simply the review of statistical used as a data analysis.During the process of classification the collected data through a statistical investigation are a complete and unorganised mass of figures. The data are so voluminous that its significance features cannot be understood. Such type of data also not fit for analysis and interpretation.They are classified into two types Classification of data according to the attributes are of general two types.