Notes on lesson on Dispersion, correlation and regression |

Dispersion, correlation and regression


Central Tendency, Arithmetic Mean, Partition Values

This note lets you know about Central tendency,Arithmetic mean for different series, Partition Values, Quartile and medians.

Median,Quartiles,Mode,Measures of Dispersion

This note lets you know the basic formulae needed in the chapter statistics and some basic knowledge related to the measure of dispersion.

Types of Measures of dispersion,Range, Quartile Deviation, Mean Deviation

This note gives you the basic idea about Types of Measures of dispersion,Range, Quartile Deviation, Mean Deviation and their formulae.

Standard Deviation, Variance

This note helps you get the knowledge, merits, demerits and the important formulae related to standard deviation and variance.

Coefficient of Variation , Numerical Problems on Measures of Dispersion ( Range , Quartile Deviation , M.D., S.d., Variance)

This note gives ou a slight idea on Coefficient of Variation and Numerical problems related to measures of Dispersion.

Skewness with Example

This note helps you to know about skewness and find the coefficient of skewness based on median, quartile, Karl Pearson's coefficients, Bowley's coefficient.


This notes helps you have the basic knowledge on correlation and type of correlation as well as different correlation coefficients.


This note gives you knowledge on Regression, line of regression and differentiates between Correlation and regression