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Binomial Theorem


Introduction,Binomial theorem

This note helps you learn what binomial expression mean and how you can expand the binomial expansion in the form of (a+b)^n. Here, n is a positive integer.

Binomial Coefficients and their Properties,Application of Binomial Theorem for Approximation

This note helps you learn about binomial coefficients and their properties as well as the applications of the Binomial theorem in approximation.

Exponential and Logarithmic Function and Series,Expansion of e^x,a^x and log(1+x)

This note gives you the knowledge on logarithmic and exponential functions and also the expansion of e^x, a^x and log(1+x)

Examples on Binomial Theorem (Binomial Coefficients, Application of Binomial Theorem,General Term)

This note has important solutions to problems related to Binomial Expansion, the Coefficients and Application of binomial Expansion.