How Should One Read A Book?


How should one read a book

This essay is about the way of reading a book of literature. This essay is both about the process and the reward of the reading. While reading a book one should keep their mind empty, don’t put any prejudice, preconceptions, and ideology. She suggests that there is no concrete way to read. The reader can adopt anyway he/she likes. She says that follow no advice, decide yourself what or which way you want to read and freedom of reader is needed. S/he should not be bound by any rules, orders and advice. The readers should follow his/her freedom and use his/her instinct to read a book so that s/he can get the pleasure of the text. There must be the spirit of the freedom on the part of the reader and his/her way of a reader. She says that reading is a personal task for which one has needed no guidance at all.