The Human Scapegoat in Ancient Greece


The human scapegoat in ancient greece

An ancient practiced a scapegoating ritual in which a cripple or beggar or criminal was cast out of the community, either in response to a natural disaster such as plague, famine, Mera cellies etc. The cult of scapegoating can be found in other religions of the world but in the ancient Greece in other to appease the unseen power or a divine power so that the people would give human scarifies. Every society culture and commonly has a myth of scapegoating. In the antiquity, poor human beings were the scapegoat to get rid of evils. The objectives with which victim was beaten were supposed to have a magical power of the spirit of reproduction. The phenomena of scapegoating are still persisting. The custom of scapegoating has not changed but the object of scapegoating has changed.