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Civic Awareness


Our Constitution

Constitution is the supreme law of the country which makes the structure of the government. A government is governed by the law made by a constitution. This explained all about the constitution of Nepal.

Introduction to Citizen

The word "Citizen is derived from the latin word 'Civis' which means the person who lives in a city. A citizen is a person who is recognized member of a state under the law of a nation by having the rights of the state. This note gives the information all about the citizen.

Rights of a Citizen

The rights that are given to a citizen for the betterment and protection of an individual life is known as rights.Every citizen has a right to uplift their living standard by the help of some basic right which is given by the government or constitution is known as fundamental rights. This note explains the information about the fundamental rights and its importance.

The Traffic Rules

This note gives information about traffic symbols and its meaning.

Duties of Citizens

Being citizens we have many duties and responsibilities to be fulfilled. We live in a society so we also have duties of a society which is also considered as the work of a people towards the society. This note gives the information about the moral, legal, civic and all duties of citizens toward its family, society, and nation.

Nation and Nationality

Nepal is an independent, sovereign, secular, indivisible, inclusive, federal democratic republic country. A group of people living in particular area or territory under the same law, sovereignty,constitution and a government is known as a nation and people living in a nation is known as nationality.

Federal Democratic Republic

The federal system is a political system where a country is divided into different independent states or region. Nepal is a federal democratic republic country. Nepal has become the federal democratic republic country in 15th Jestha, 2065. This note gives the information about the federal system and features of federal and features of state government.