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Tourism Marketing


Meaning of Tourism and Tourism Marketing

Tourism has been defined as a temporary movement of people (visitor) from one place to anotherIn search of leisure, pleasure, and business activities .The traveler and tourism is a vast group of business with one goal in common providing necessary and desired product and service to travel.Marketing is a total system of business activities for customers and builds strong customer relationships in order to capture value for the customer in return. It is the business process in which products are matched with the market and through which transfers of ownership are affected.Marketing in tourism is to be understood as the systematic and coordinated execution of business policy by tourist understood whether private or state owned at local, regional, of business policy by tourist undertakings achieve the operational satisfaction of the needs of identifiable consumer groups and doing so to achieve an appropriate return.

Tourism Marketing and Tourism Marketing mix

Tourism marketing is defined in a number of ways. It a complex concept as the industry includes many multi-faceted activities.