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Application of Biology


Genetic Engineering

In this technology terms such as “gene surgery”, “gene manipulation”, “gene therapy”, “gene transplantation”, etc. commonly used.A clone is defined as the offspring which is exactly same copy of the single parent. Genome also can be defined as the total number of genes contained in one haploid set of chromosome of a diploid organism.DNA fingerprinting is the technique which can identify the relationship among the persons with the patterns of DNA fragments obtained in restriction analysis of human DNA.Transgenic organisms are those organisms which contain a DNA segment from different species.


Fermentation is defined as” the process of incomplete oxidation of sugar, espicially glucose, into alcohol and carbon dioxide.” Open type bioreactor is the type bioreactor which allows continuous process where substrate can be placed inside from one end and product is taken out from another end.Living yeasts are immobilized in calcium alginate beads. Brandy contains about 65-70 % of alcohol in it.