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House Keeping Department


Housekeeping Department

Housekeeping department in a hotel is responsible for the cleanliness, maintenance and aesthetic upkeep of the property.

Job description of housekeeping personnel

Housekeeping department plays an important role in the cleaning and maintaining the hotel.There is various role of housekeeping department whose function are different to each other. These notes explain the roles and duties of the housekeeping department.

Introduction to Room, Its Forms and Format

. Generally, we define room as a safe closed by walls, windows and doors to spend a day or night for sleep and to protect from natural catastrophe. In a hotel, a room means a lot to the guest such as comfort, safe, clean, hygiene

Code Words Used in Room Report & Linen and Uniforms

It is for easy reference that the hotel management decides to use code words in different housekeeping reports. Use of code words saves time.

Par Stock, Lost & Found and Keys

A par is a minimum stock of linen or uniform required to meet the daily demands of a hotel so as to ensure a smooth circulation.

Handling Unusual Event

A hotel is a big place and there are lots of guest along with lots of staffs. So there may be lots of unusual situations that happen in the hotel. So hotel staffs must be careful and must be able to deal with the unusual situation that happens or occurs in the hotel.

Housekeeping Terminology

This note contains the description about the terminologies of housekeeping department like an amenity, back office, bath mat, business kit, etc.