Information Communication Technology and Cyber Law

Social Impact of the ICT, Digital Divide, Computer Ethics, Intellectual Properties Right. Privacy, Anonymity, Computer crime, Concept of Cyber law, Area of cyber law and Cyber Law in Nepal, IT Policy in Nepal


Computer in Society and Cyber Law

This note is about the Computer in Society and Cyber Law. It defines the way of computer application in our society. It describes about the cyber law in Nepal and international cyber law. It also defines that computerized data and information can be stolen via unknown people they are called anonymous. It also mentions different ways through which the information can be stolen. cyber law is the law that deals with the legal issues which is relate to the access,usage and the privacy of information. This law is made for the protection of private information or data from the hackers or crackers. In Nepal, those people who tries to stole the private information or data of an individual and if the found guilty, they are penalized according to the law.

Cyber Crime

This note is about the Cyber Crime, Safety of Computer Crime and Computer Related Legal Problems. It explains the detailed about the Cyber Crime and its Safety measures of Computer Crime being hacked from someone. Computer crime are the illegal activities done by the individual who has a good knowledge about the computer though the use of computer. It also describes the different types of computer crimes carried out at present day.