Actions and Consequences


Four Levels of Writing to 'No Smoke From The Chimneys'

Siddhicharan Shrestha portrays the courage of Nepalese during the movement against Rana Regime in this poem. He explains how they remained undisturbed and focused towards achieving freedom and justice.

Four Levels of Writing to 'A Sound Of Thunder'

Eckles takes a trip to past for hunting the extinct Tyrannosaurus Rex with the help of Time Safari Inc. His guides, Travis and Lesperance warn him about the consequences that may occur due to his silly actions in the past and holds him to remain in the Path. However, hen the beast comes into sight, Eckles loses his consciousness and crosses the Path. After they return back to present, Eckles finds drastic changes which were the outcomes of the butterfly he had stepped in the past. At the end, Eckles hears the crackling sound of Travis's gun and a "a sound of thunder".