Four levels of writing to 'Don't Cut Down The Trees, Brother Woodcutter

Nature has been protecting the existence of man while man, on the other hand, has been destroying the nature. Trees are regarded as "dead mothers" who keep on sacrificing for her children but remain silent to all her wounds and pain.

Four Levels of Writing to 'Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman'

Richard P. Feynman was an extraordinarily talented man who had received Nobel Prize for his works in Physics. Apart from being the winner of the Nobel Prize, his autobiography depicts his enthusiasm in seeking knowledge. It represents his interests crossing roads from philosophy to biology and his capabilities to grasp whatever comes forward upon him without hesitation.

Four Levels of Writing to 'A 1996 Commencement Speech'

In 1996, Salman Rushdie gave a motivational speech in Bard College. In his speech, he was reminded of the injustices he had to face during his graduation from Cambridge University- punishing him for spilling gravy-and-onions in his room which he never spilled, making him return from the graduation ceremony for wearing wrong shoes, and kneeling down and pleading for his degree.He also expresses his gratitude towards Bard College for helping him during his tough hours and makes a statement regarding Gods as obstructions towards success.