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Food and beverage service deparment


Restaurant Furniture and Linen

The furniture used in a restaurant where guest usually sits and takes their food and beverage item is known as restaurant furniture. It must be chosen according to the needs of establishment. The linen used in the restaurant is called restaurant linen. Mostly cotton and damask are used in the restaurant for almost all purposes because of its absorbent quality.

Food and Beverage Service

Food and beverage service department is the department which provides foods and beverages to the guest in a hospitable manner according to their order with the help of the waiter.

Menu and table layout

Menu is the priced list of food and beverage item available in food and beverage outlets. and A course is a food item eaten at a particular time and sequence during a complete meal. Cover is a place allotted on a table for an individual customer to have meal where all the accessories including silverware, glassware and chinaware along with linen, etc. are laid for a particular meal. Mostly cover will occupy 24”*18* on a guest table for each person.

Alcoholic Beverages

An alcoholic beverage is any potable (drinkable) liquid containing ethanol or ethyl alcohol. All alcohols are obtained by the process called fermentation. It is concentrated or increased in strength by a process called distillation.

Non-Alcoholic Beverage

Beverage is the potable drinks which have thirst quenching, refreshing, stimulating and nourishing qualities. Beverage can be classified into two types: 1. Alcoholic beverage and 2. Non-alcoholic beverage  

Fermented Drinks

Wine is a fermented alcoholic beverage obtained from the fermented juice of freshly collected or gathered grapes. Broadly wines are classified into three types. They are: stilled wine, sparkling wine and fortified wine. Beer is brewed and fermented alcoholic beverage obtained from malted barley and other starchy cereals, flavored by hops.

Distilled Drinks

The various types of distilled alcoholic beverages are gin, brandy, whisky, rum, tequila, vodka, etc. these beverages are prepared by pot still or patent still method.

Compound and Mixed Drinks

Compound alcoholic beverages are defined as a a mixed beverage, which is blended or composed carefully by extracting flavor, color and sweetness from various fruits, herbs, plants and nuts.