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Concept and Meaning of Tourism


Tourism and Hospitality

The word " tourism" has been derived from french words "tourism" which means travel and travel related to jobs. The concept of hospitality is reception and entertainment of guests/visitors with liberality and good will.

Nature and Components of Tourism

The nature of tourism is closely connected with travelling. It has been a human phenomenon since the beginning of human civilization.Tourism is a coordinated total of many components. Its takes many forms. A travel may range from several thousand kilometers which may include one or more from of transports

Evolution of Tourism and Impact of tourism

The gradual change and development of an idea, situation or objects is referred to as evolution. Hence, an evolution of tourism refers to the gradual developments of the tourism activities from the past to presents and perhaps, it will continue in the future too.


Tourism is the temporary traveler travelling in search of pleasure from the novelty and change experienced during their trip.Tourist as a visitors stay at least 24 hours but no longer than one year in a country where they visit for pleasure, holiday sports, recreation and also came for business, visiting friend etc.