Notes on lesson on Freedom of press and Human Rights |

Freedom of press and Human Rights

Introduction to press theory and defination of freedom of press General . Concept of Human Rights and Fundamental Rights, UN Provision and Provision of the Constitution of Nepal


Introduction to press theory and Freedom of press

Theory is the the principle on which a particular subject is based. The study of Communication theory is very important for students and communication professionals. Communication theories reflect the cultural and social revolutions in the society. It is helpful to analyze the history of mankind. Press theories are guidelines and philosophical measurement tools to media and its environment. The authoritarian theory requires direct government control of the mass media. The Free press theory is found in most of the democratic countries.Similarly, Freedom of press is the right to publish news and opinions in the press without the government removing any of the information.

Concept Of Fundamental Rights In The Constitution Of Nepal

Fundamental rights are the special privileges of the citizens of a particular country. Fundamental rights are more specific and obligatory in comparison to the human rights and the Constitutional rights. Fundamental rights are applicable to the citizens of a country. It is guaranteed by the Constitution of a particular Country. Similarly, Constitution is the major source of Fundamental rights. Some of the fundamental rights according to the constitution are : -Right to freedom -Right to equality -Right against untouchability and discrimination -Right to property -Right to religious freedom -Right to information -Right to privacy -Right against exploitation -Right of children