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The concept of News

Introduction to Reporting and Sources of News. Quality of a reporter, Writing reports and news stories


Introduction of Reporting and Types of Reporter

Reporting is the ability to enable large numbers of people to easily access real-time enterprise information. It also transforms it into richly formatted reports to the success of any organization.Reporting is the dynamic of the news. If it is failed, the newspaper would fail. It is an art and joy of its own. Reporting has become a big business today.

Qualities of a Reporter

A reporter is a person who gathers information on a subject and then writes about or broadcast it. This profession is present in a wide array of media outlets. He/she may work for a newspaper, magazine, radio show, TV show, or website. The possibilities within each of those mediums are endless. Many of those media outlets are needing more and more online coverage. A reporter must be qualified because drafting of report is a complex and specialized task.