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Food Production Department


Identification of Kitchen and Its Equipments

kitchen is a art or a skilled food production team which prepares food items as per guest orders. kitchen employee prepares food acording to the menu of the hotel or a resturant

Elementary of Food and Nutrition

The components of food, which perform these functions, are called nutrients and the study of various nutrients, their function, food sources and their utilization by the human body and their effects on human wellbeing are called nutrition.

Cooking and Its Methods

Cooking is a professional glamour, it is a creation and a flare of presentation of food so as to counterpart new changes in the taste and lifestyle of people." Food cooking is very much a part of the culture of the region, each country or culture has its own methods of cooking.

Methods of Cooking

It is a cooking in plenty of liquids usually in water or in stocks. Bubbles can be seen on the surface of the pan or in the pot in which food are placed and then should roll to cooked thoroughly.

Salad and Dressing

The word "SALAD" conjure up the image of flabby lettuce with a slice of cucumber and tomato, but its preparation and presentation to a modern catering are being diverted to many styles of making a salad using any items of food commodities. Salad is essential product of the pantry area or cold kitchen section, that may be prepared and served at a dining table or more effective merchandising and a greater profit return.


Soup can be defined as a wholesome nutritious liquid food made from rich stocks of meat, poultry, sea food, vegetables or cereals.

Stocks and Types of stocks

Stock is unthickened, unseasoned, flavorful and nutritious foundation liquid made from the fresh and mature bones with an addition of various aromatic vegetables and herbs.

Breakfast and Its Types

Breakfast is a meal, often light usually taken in the morning. It is first meal of a day. It usually starts from 7.00 am and goes until 10.00 am.