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Meaning, Function, Types, Importance & Features of Packaging

Packaging is the general group of activities which concentrate in formulating the design of a package and producing an appropriate and attractive container or wrapper for the product. It is an important and effective sales tool for encouraging impulse buying. It is the powerful medium for sales promotion.There are several functions of the packaging and they are : -Protects the contents: -Provides product density: -Provides product density: -Act as promotional tool: -Provides user convenience: -Facilitates product identification: -Allows easy product mix: And the various importances of packaging are : -Creation of demand: -Protection of the product: -Transportation: -Guidelines to customers: -Better storage: -Facilitates for carrying: -Identification of product differentiation: -Economy:

Meaning, Types, Functions and Importance of Labelling

A label can be anything – a piece of paper, printed statement, imprinted metal, leather which is either a part of a package or attached to it, indicating the value of contents ,price of product ,name, and place of producers or such useful information to be beneficial to the user.Labeling gives necessary information to the customers about the products.