Meaning and Role of banking system in economy. Classification of bank and Its Function. Concept of money market and capital market


Function of Central Bank and Commercial Bank

This note contains the function of a central and commercial bank. The function of a commercial bank can be categorized as primary and secondary functions.

Origin, Roles and Classification of Bank

This note contains about the origin and development of how the bank was formed and what is the role of bank and also the classification of a bank. There are different types of bank like a commercial bank, development bank, agricultural bank, etc.

Financial Market

This note includes information about the financial market. Financial market can be described under two categories money market and capital market.The money market and capital market possess several characteristics .The various characteristics of money market are : -Financial Movement -Use of near money -Conversion to quick cash -Role of central bank And the various characteristics of capital market are -Duration of loan -Capital's Liquidity -Role of Market -Institutional Transaction