Notes on lesson on Athletics |


After completing this lesson, student must be able to:

  • Play running and relay race.
  • describe about high jump and long jump.
  • Follow the rules and regulations before and after play games.


Long Jump

The act of stepping on the take-off board with a run and jumping long distance is called long jump. Good long jump requires a fast running, good take off, jumping high and proper landing. This note briefly describes practicing long jump.

Long Distance Running and Relay Race

The race that is run above 1500 meters is called long distance running. Long distance running involves 3000 meter, 5000 meter, 10000 meter and 42.195 km (marathon race). This note has information about long distance running and relay race.

High Jump

There are many ways of executing the high jump. They are scissors type, western roll, straddle roll, Fosbury Flop etc. This note briefly describes how to play high jump.