Government Finance

Concept and Importance of Government expenditure, Government revenue, Government borrowing and Government budget


Government Finance and Government Revenue

Government finance is a field of economics concerned with governmental activities payment. It deals with the expenditure and revenue of the nation or state.

Concept and Types of Tax

Taxation is a biggest source of public revenue of the government. It may be the levied on the income, property and even in the time of purchasing a commodity.

Concept of Progressive, Proportional, Regressive and Digressive Tax

This note provides the overall summary about the types of tax and helps to make clear about the merits and demerits of different tax system. If the tax rate increases along with the increment in the income then this tax system is called progressive tax system. In simple word, the tax rate is higher on to rich and lower on poor people.

Government Borrowing and Budget

Government borrowing refers to the borrowing by a government from within the country or from aboard. In other words, the loan taken by the government is known as government borrowing.

Government Expenditure

The expenditure to be used by a government for the sake of public welfare is known as government expenditure or public expenditure. Government performs varieties of function for the maintenance welfare functions.