Notes on lesson on Drugs and Tobacco |

Drugs and Tobacco

After completing this lesson, student must be able to:

  • Explain the concept of drugs, alcohol and smoking.
  • Define the effects of drugs, alcohol and smoking.
  • Explain the bad addiction.




Drugs are substances that bring about changes in the functioning of cells in the human body. This note contains information about drugs, their effects and prevention measures.


The use of alcohol is not considered illegal as it is sold openly in the market. Alcohol comes in different forms, they are raksi, brandy, wine, whiskey, rum, gin, etc. This note has information about alcohol, their effects and prevention of alcoholism.


People use tobacco to smoke, it is done in various ways such as cigarettes, bidi, cigar etc. Tobacco contains a chemical substance known as nicotine. This note has information about the effects of smoking and their Preventive measure.