Notes on lesson on Civil Duty and Behaviour |

Civil Duty and Behaviour


Our Duty towards Our Community

Hence, community isnot about the single individual, it refers to the group of people sharing same platform to exchange ideas, care and to help each other. And living not only for us but making effort for welfare pf others too is our duty towards our community.

Obedience to Social Rules

Social rules are made for development of the society and nation as a whole. It implies all to be within the boundaries of rules and regulations. Social development is possible only when people behave in a correct way hence every member of the society should attentively follow social rules in order to enable society function in a effective way.

Helping the Helpless

Every person living in the society is the part of the society who demands equal respect, attention, love and care. Hence, physically retarded people are to be treated well because togetherness in each and every work brings happiness, peace, progress and harmony in the society.