Notes on lesson on Constitution and Democracy |

Constitution and Democracy


Fundamental Rights

Therefore, fundamental rights refers to that civil and political rights of the citizen provided by state in a democratic country in order to develop their personality and growth as legalized in accordance to its different forms. In order to utilize rights one should be attentive towards its limitation and role of duties which are meant to be fulfilled in the way of exercising rights.

The State with the Rule of Law

State with the rules of law focuses on developing the living pattern of each citizen hence it in major emphasizes on people’s freedom, equality for all and co-proper use of therefore, fundamental rights. While summarizing it overall focuses on making people’s life happy and peaceful with promoting co-operations among people through clear vision of public welfare

Fundamental Aspects of Child Rights

Since, the right made for child in order to address fulfillment of their basis and fundamental rights is referred as child right. Child Right mainly aims on improving status of children and development of their personal growth with maintainance of proper living standard and makes effort particularly for welfare of children for which different forms of child rights are listed out in accordance to Integrated Children’s act.