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Nature of Management

Concept, Meaning, Characteristics, Function of Management. Management as Science, Art and Profession. Level of Management


Concept and Characterstics of management

Management is the process of coordinating and controlling human efforts in order to get the desired results and output. Management can be viewed as a subject, process or a body of an organization. Management has certain features such as goal oriented, group activity, universal activity, dynamic, art and science, profession etc.

Importance, Function and Differences of Management and Administration

Management is one of the most essential parts of every organization. Management is one of the key reason for modernization and industrialization. The five basic function of management is planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. 

Management as science, art and profession and Level of Management

We can understand that management can be considered as science, art, and a profession as it fulfills all the basic criteria. It can be treated as a science, art or profession. There are three levels of management in an organization: Top level, Middle level, and Lower level management.