Performance Appraisal and Reward Management

Concept and uses of performance appraisal.

 Methods of Performance appraisal - Graphic rating scale, alternative ranking, paired comparison, forced distribution, critical incident, essay and Checklist methods.

 Concept of reward management, types and qualities of effective rewards.

 Performance appraisal practices in Nepalese Organization.


Concept, Uses and Method of Performance Appraisal

In conclusion, performance is doing or producing or performing something and appraisal is the value of doing work. In an organization, an appraisal is related to money. If there is positive performance appraisal, there will be promotion, increase in the salary and growth of the whole organization but if not then there will be demotivation and decrease in the salary. So, there is a positive as well as negative effect of performance appraisal in the organization.

Reward Management and Performance Appraisal Practices

In conclusion, organizations need to have higher productivity that can be made possible through human resource mobility at the right place and motivation by fulfilling their desires by the development of employees well-being mechanism is called reward management. So, something provided to employees should be regarded as important by employees.