Notes on lesson on Class 9 |

Class 9


Problems of Nepalese Agriculture and their Solutions

In Nepal, the economy is dominated by agriculture. We have not been able to improve our agriculture a lot. It is in still traditional and labour-intensive. This note contains description on Problems of Nepalese Agriculture and their Solutions.

Graphs and Charts

Line graph shows the relationship between two variable quantities in two axes while Pie chart shows the quantities of various things in different slices of the circle. This note teaches how to draw Graphs and Charts

Importance and International Understanding

Conflict is known as a serious disagreement or argument. Countries need to understand each other and try to maintain good relationships. This note contains a description of Importance and International Understanding.

Advancing Science and Technology and Current Affairs

Globalization is getting a hold on trade, tourism, games and sports and so on. It is essential for everyone to be well-acquainted with what is happening in the world. This note contains a description on advancement gained by science and technology and its application in current affairs.

Impact of Advancement of Science and Technology on Human Life

Human life has been totally altered and much bettered with the advancement of science and technology. This note contains a description of the impact of Science and technology on human life.

Nepal’s Relation with Other Countries

Nepal have a good relationship with foreign countries like Canada, France etc. Canada is among the top 20 countries for buying Nepalese exports. This note contains a description of Nepal’s relation with other countries.

Climate Change: One of Our Greatest Challenges

The climate is the average weather pattern in the certain area experienced over a long time. Climate varies from place to place due to many reasons. This note contains a description of Climate Change; One of Our Greatest Challenges.