Marketing Environment

Meaning and scope of marketing environment; Micro environment variables, and Macro environment variables; Reactive and proactive marketing. Marketing environment in Nepal.


Meaning and scope of marketing environment , micro environment variables

The factors that affect the marketing ability and success of the company is called marketing environment. The various scope of marketing affects the marketing decision of the marketing managers. The marketing environment is divided into macro and micro environment that directly or indirectly affects marketing environment.

Macro environment And its Variables

The macro environment consists of external factors of the organizations like demography, social and cultural environment, Political and cultural Environment, Technological Environment, The Political and Legal environment which creates great impacts in the business and also determines the success of the business.

Reactive and proactive Marketing, Marketing environment in nepal

Reactive marketing is related to the similar techniques that other do but proactive marketing is a new concept. Marketing environment determines the success of any kind of business and this environment considers various factors like social and cultural, economic, technological, environmental etc.