Meaning of marketing. Evolution of the marketing philosophies - Basic principles of the production, product, selling, marketing, and holistic marketing concepts. Meaning and tasks of marketing management. Marketing challenges of the 21st century and firms' responses to the challenges. Concept, relevance and practices of relationship marketing, green marketing, and e- marketing. Components of the marketing mix for products and services.


Meaning of marketing, marketing process and evolution of marketing philosophies

Marketing is simply defined as the process that creates value among the customers. This is done through five processes. Various philosophies in marketing are provided like product concept, selling concept, product concept, marketing concept, societal concept. Each concept has different identification in marketing strategy.

Marketing Management and its Function

A business discipline, which is focused on the practical function of marketing techniques and the management of a firm’s marketing activities and resources is Marketing Management.If the marketers are able to maintain the task related to marketing management then the company will easily achieve its goals and objectives more effectively and efficiently.

Relationship Marketing, Green and E-marketing, Marketing Mix of Product and services

Every marketing has a certain process which builds a good relationship with the customers which will be beneficial for the company in the long run. There are three other marketing concept such as e-marketing, green marketing, and relationship marketing which will definitely create good impacts among the customers. Marketing mix is the combination of different elements of marketing strategy. There are 7ps of marketing model in product and services oriented model and 4ps in customer-oriented model.

Marketing Challenges and Thier Response

Marketing is simply a process of providing the customer needs and wants through the products and services. No, any firms can sustain in the long run if they are unable to create customer satisfaction. In this modern era, the rapid change in technology and globalization has created both difficulties and opportunities for the marketers.