Labor Relations :Grievances and Dispute Settlement

Concept and purposes of labor relations. The actors of industrial relations system.  Employee’s grievances, causes and handling of employees grievances.  Labor disputes. Prevention and settlement of disputes.Disputes settlement process in Nepal.  Features of Labour Act and Trade Union Act.


Labor Relation and Labor Disputes

Thus, labor relation is the outgrowth of industrialization, traditionally they were concerned with the relation that existed between employer and labor. It was looked upon as a firefighting function to resolve labor disputes.Nowadays labor relation is a very dynamic concept.

Employee's Grievances, Method and Process of Handling Grievance

Employees grievance are very important for the human resource management. Management should manage employee grievance effectively, promptly and in conformity with the legal provisions. If it is not managed effectively then this will lead to the decrease in productivity and employee morale and also there will be a lack of employee cooperation and occurs unhealthy labor relation management.

Trade Union

Thus, trade union is an organization of workers or employees united to protect and promote their common interest. It is very important for making good relationship between each worker and build a very peace environment in the organization.Trade union is an organization established to protect the rights of all workers for the betterment of their industry. The main purpose of a trade union is maintaining the working condition in the workplace.