Training And Development

 Concept and process of learning  Human Resource Development: Concept and importance.  Concept, objectives and benefits of training, determining training needs. Training methods:  on-the-job and off-the-job.  Concept and techniques of management development. Evaluating training effectiveness. Training and development practices in Nepalese organizations.


Training and Learning

Training is continuous process of human resource management function. It brings positive change in skill, knowledge, attitude etc. to develop personnel competencies and then it gives quality and high productivity as organizational outcomes. It is generally given to the lower level personnel.

Training Needs Determination and Methods

Therefore, assessment or determination of training needs can be emerged from organizational objectives followed by its changing environment. Environment may be external or internal and organization should choose training methods as per the resources availability and competency.

Human Resource Development and Management Development

Development is related to the growth inside to the organization or overall improvement of the organization. Management development is a systematic process of training and growth by which an individual gain and applies knowledge, skills and attitudes to manage work efficiently. It is future oriented and more concerned with education.

Evaluation of Training Effectiveness,Training practices in Nepalese organization

Training is required to develop the skills, ability and innovation of the employee to work. Human resource department has to engaged to access to training needs and deciding the types of training required. Depending on training needs of employee, training can be arranged.