Human Resource Planning

Concept, characteristics and importance for Human Resource Planning. 

Concept of Human Resource Strategy, Relationship between human resource planning and Strategic Planning.

Approaches to Human Resource Planning.

Human Resource Planning process - Assessing current human resources, Demand and Supply Forecasting, Human Resource Inventory, Human Resource Information System, Succession Planning, Human Resource Planning in Nepalese Organizations.


Human Resource Planning and Human Resource Strategy

Human Resource Planning is the process of forecasting, developing and controlling human resources in an organization.Organization is more likely to be successful if everyone is striving for common goal and objectives. Strategic human resource management can be defined as the linking of Human Resource Management with strategic goals and objectives in order to improve business performance and develop the organizational culture that foster innovation and flexibility.

Concept, Characteristics and Importance of Human Resources Planning

Human Resource Management refers to the policy and practices which should be implemented for managing job especially hiring,training,acquiring,appraising and providing a safe environment for the company employee.Human resources should be carried out to be aware from hiring the wrong person for the job.experience high turnover and so on .

Human Resource Strategy and Relationship with Human Resource Planning

The need of HR is increasing that helps for understanding the external opportunities and threats and internal strength and weakness. The relation of HRM with the strategic goal and objective for improving business performance and developing the culture that enables innovation and flexibility is strategic human resources management. Strategic planning enables to build competitive advantages through the creation of uniqueness among other organization.

Approaches of Human Resource Planning

Human resources planning includes the various forecasting tools essential for analyzing the economic condition of employee and unemployment rate that may arise in the organization. Some of the approaches include advanced planning, career development, and planning, management development, changing life of worker etc

Human Resource Planning Process and Human Resource Planning in Nepalese Organization

The process of human resource planning helps to match demand and supply and similarly provide action that plans are required to deal with the shortages and surpluses of human resources. These can be Recruitment, Selection Training, Development, Retention, Redundancy (firing)etc. Future human resource demand is likely to be contingent upon Organizational Objectives: Expansion, Downsizing etc