Introduction To Human Resource Management

Concept, characteristics,objectives and functions of Human Resource Management.  Human Resource Management System, Personnel and Human Resource Management.  Human Resource outcomes-Quality of work life, productivity and readiness to change.  Challenges of Human Resource Management.


Human Resource Management

HRM is the effective management of people at work. HRM examines what should be done to make working people mores productive and satisfied.It is the function performed in organizations that facilitate the most effective use of people to achieve organizational goals.QWL refers to the quality of relationship between employees and the total working environment of the organization

Human Resource Management Function and System

Human resource management is concerned with people dimension in the organization. It focuses on management of human energy, competencies, and capabilities to improve productivity.HRM is a system. This system consists of inputs, processes, and outputs.Organizational objectives, human resource ability, human resource inventory, and labor market are inputs of this system. Acquisition, development, utilization and maintenance are its processes.

Personnel and Human Resource Management

The term '‘Human Resource Management (HRM)” is the new version of what was previously known Personnel Management.The rapidly transforming business landscape means that there are currently many human resource management challenges which will continue to evolve for years to come. HRM operates in a dynamic environment .The changing political-legal, economic and technological forces pose challenges to HRM.