Fractional Kilowatt Motors


Construction and Characteristics with Double Field Revolving Theory.

fractional kilowatt motor is a motor built in a frame having a continuous rating of smaller than 1KW.It is used for low power application and is applied where polyphase motors can not be used.

Split Phase Induction Motors

Split phase induction motors are used in low power applications such as in refrigerators, driving washing machines,fans,blowers,centrifugal pumps,domestic refrigerators,duplicating machines,wood working tools,grinders,oil burners,compressors,fire strokers,pumps,conveyors,hospital,studies etc.

Single phase Synchronous Motors and Universal Motors.

Single phase synchronous motors are suitable for applications such as clocks,timers,etc. and universal motors are used in various home appliances like vacuum cleaners, drink and food mixers, domestic sewing machine, portable drills, blenders etc.

Special Purpose Motors

Special purpose motors are used for drives requiring variable speed such as cranes , fan , centrifugal pumps , conveyors, Instrument server,Process controllers,Robotics,Self balancing recorders,Machine tools etc.