Notes on lesson on Disease. Nutrition. Tobacco. Alcohol And Drug |

Disease. Nutrition. Tobacco. Alcohol And Drug

After completing this this lesson, student must be able to:

  • Describe the concept of nutrition.
  • Explain the importance of balanced diet.
  • Introduction to disease.
  • Describe some common communicable and non- communicable diseases.
  • Describe the effect of smoking and tobacco chewing.
  • List sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Classification of drugs and its causes and  effect.
  • Explain causes of alcoholism and its effect.



Alcohol contains harmful chemical called ‘ethanol’. This note has information about the alcoholism, its causes, effects and its preventive measures.


Drugs are the chemical elements which directly harm the nervous system and brain with stimulating effects. As a result, organs get neither relaxed nor excited. This note contains information on drugs, its classification, causes, effects and preventive measures.