Notes on lesson on Animal Husbandry and Livestock Keeping |

Animal Husbandry and Livestock Keeping


Cow and Buffalo

Cow and buffalo farming are very popular in Nepal. It is ancient farming system practiced traditionally all over Nepal.

Poultry Farming

Poultry production is common in Nepal. It is estimated that nearly 50% of meat sector is contributed by chickens. It is also grown from different scales from micro enterprise to a large scale enterprise. Most of the people in the villages are engaged in the production. It is very popular in Nepal.

Pig Farming

Pig farming is a very profitable business in Nepal. They can be in a micro scale or a large scale for commercial farming. It supports the livelihood of poor people in rural areas.


Fish is a very rich source of protein. In Nepal, both local and exotic species of fish are available. Fishes are naturally available from rivers, ponds, seas, and wetlands. For fish, a farming pond is necessary.

Bee Keeping

Bee is the main source for honey. Honey is a very nutritious food. Bee is called a social insect. It lives in the group and performs collective works. Bees collect nectar from different types of flowers to prepare honey.


Goat, sheep, and chyangra are popular in Nepal, Chyangra is also known as a mountain goat. These are the domestic animals and these animals are a good source of income.