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Multimedia is a technology which stores data as text, photo, animation, music, video, etc. and gives the method to collect and modify the data as required.

Multimedia System : It is a system which has capability to integrate two or more types of media such as text, graphics, audio, video and animation.

Multimedia Technology : Multimedia technology allows storing data and information for further reference. CD-ROM is a cheap, durable and portable storage media used to store data and information in the multimedia technology.

Advantages of multimedia

  • It can be used to help the student and teacher to teach as well as to learn the given topics easily.
  • It can be used to spread knowledge all over the world in a low cost.
  • It can be used for any subjects and for anyone.
  • Multimedia system are generally very interactive. So, it is interesting to use.

Components of Multimedia

The following are the different components used in multimedia system:

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  • Text: It is the primary component of multimedia. Most of the information can be presented with the help of text. We can be emphasized the text by using different fonts, colors, styles etc.
  • Graphic: A digital representation of non-text information such as drawing, photographs etc are known as graphics. The graphic medium can be used with text medium. In digital graphics pictures are stored in the digital form i.e. in binary form. Digital cameras capture pictures in digital format and scannars are used to convert analog pictures into digital form. The process of converting into digital form is called dizitization and is achieved through sampling and quantization. When an image is sampled, two dimensional space is partitioned into small descrete regions. Quantization assigns an integer to the amplitude of the signal in each interval or region.
  • Audio: Audio is one of the important components of multimedia. It is the the technology that uses record, store manupulate and reproduce sound using audio signals in digital form (audio is stored in binary form). It can be music, speech or any other sound. To record the audio microphone is used. Microphone converts the analog sound signals to digital signals. Microphone converts the sound to electric voltage and passes it to the computer that has analog to digital converter(ADC) that converts the analog signal to the digital content and is stored in the hard drive. That content is now manipulated and reproduced for individual use. The digital content is again changed to analog by digital to analog converter before it is sent to the sepaker for us to listen. There are various applications that can manipulate the digital content like Audacity, Power sound editor etc. The It is normally combined with animation medium. There are various uses of digital audio. It is mostly used in recording audio, creating animations, movie industry and many more.
  • Video: The effective medium for presenting information is video. It presents the moving images. It displays the sequence of slightly varied pictures at the speed of 15-30 frames per second. This content when stored in the computer in the digital form is called digital video. Similar to the audio it has to be converted from analog to the digital form. Nowadays there are cameras that directly capture digital video and are called DV camcoders. Digital video is the collection of series of orthogonal bitmap digital images that are displayed in constant rate, normally 15-30 frames per second. The recorded videos can be compressed or uncompressed. For uncompressed video miniDVs are used for recording and for compressed video camcoders are used. 1 GB storage space can accomodate 5 minutes of video in the best quality and highest resolution. The normal, standard defination, video has 720x480 pixil where as highest standard video has 1920x1080 pixin in 4:3 aspect ratio. There are various softwares that can be used to manipulate recorded video. The softwares include wndows movie maker which we will use to create the video clip.
  • Animation: The animation medium presents the sequence of still images of artwork at a rapid speed that looks like the image is moving.

Some of the areas where multimedia are used are listed below:

  • Multimedia in Education field

    Multimedia is used to instruct as a master (guide) because nowadays, multimedia CD are used instead of text books. Knowledge can be easily obtained by using multimedia CD in computer because multimedia CD includes text, pictures, sound and film which helps the students to understand more easily and clearly than the text books and more cheaper than going to schools.

  • Multimedia in Business

    Multimedia is used in business for training employees, presenting sales, educating costumers etc. It helps for the promotion of business and new products.

  • Multimedia in Entertainment

    Multimedia is mostly used in games. Text, audio, images and animations are mostly used in computer games. The use of multimedia in games made possible to make innovative and interactive games. It is also used in movies for entertainment.

  • Multimedia in Advertising

    Multimedia technology is commonly used in advertisement. To promote the business and products multimedia is used for preparing advertisement.

  • Virtual reality

    It is an artificial environment created with computer hardware and software and presented to user in such a way that is appears real. Virtual reality effect can be created in computer using Extreme 3D, Ray Dream Studio, 3D Studio MAX and Visual Reality.

Windows Movie Maker(WMM):

It is the basic video editing tool that comes with windows package. We can use pictures, videos and audio to create our own video.

Starting Windows movie maker:

  1. Click on start menu
  2. Click on all programs
  3. Look for windows movie maker
  4. Click on windows movie maker.

The main screen of WMM comprise of menu bar, task pane, content pane and Preview monitor.

Menu bar consist of Home, Animation, Visual Effects Project and View.

Task pane has options of adding audio video pictures title caption etc. Also it allows to edit themes, share movies and save it. It is an extention of menu bar. Contents of menu bar are shwon in task pane.

Preview moniter provides the preview of our video.

Content pane shows the content of the project.

Import the media to WMM:

  1. We can drag and drop media in the content pane of the WMM.
  2. Also we can click on add videos and photos or add music, in task pane, to add video, photos or music in WMM.

Editing the video:

  1. Click on the Edit button in the menu.
  2. Here you can use many tools such as video volume, adjust speed split the video and trim the video.

Adding animations:

  1. Click on Animation in the menu bar.
  2. Selcet the appropriate transition from the task pane.
  3. Select the duration of the transition.
  4. If you want to apply same transition to all the videos then select apply to all which is just below the duration in task pane.

Adding Visual effect:

  1. Click on the Visual Effects tab in the menu bar.
  2. Select the appropriate visual effect from the task pane.
  3. Select the brightness for the effect.
  4. If you want to apply same effet to all the videos then select apply to all which is just below the brightness in task pane.

Editing the music:

  1. Click on the option button in the menu.
  2. Here you can use many tools such as music volume, fade the music, split and trim the audio.

Things to remember
  • It includes every relationship which established among the people.
  • There can be more than one community in a society. Community smaller than society.
  • It is a network of social relationships which cannot see or touched.
  • common interests and common objectives are not necessary for society.
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