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Indicators, Human Development Index and Women Development

An idea of how far an area or a country has developed can be found by measuring different quantities. GDI, HDI are some indicators which help to measure development index. This note contains description on indicators, human development index and women development. Learn More

Sustainable Development, Its Needs and Importance

Sustainable development is an economic and social development that meets the needs of the current generation without under determining the ability to future generations to meet their own needs. This note contains a description of sustainable development, its needs and importance. Learn More

Education, Its Aim and Education in Nepal

Education provides the skilled manpower needed in all the areas for development. It is often taken as the first and the foremost infrastructure of the development. This note contains a description of education, its aim and education in Nepal. Learn More

Importance of Health and Status of Health in Nepal

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. This note contains a description of the importance of health and status of health in Nepal. Learn More

Needs and Importance of Transport and Development of Road in Nepal

The process of traveling from one place to another is called transportation.In the context of Nepal, road transport is the most suitable system of transport. This note contains description on needs and importance of transport and development of road in Nepal. Learn More

Importance and Shortage of Drinking Water in Nepal

Water is one of the essential conditions of life. The poor economic condition, difficult landscape, poor technology and insufficient planning are causing wastage of water in Nepal. This note contains a description of importance and shortage of drinking water in Nepal. Learn More

Electricity and Communication

Electricity is the main power available in the modern world. The process of exchange of information from one place to another is known as communication. This note contains a description of Electricity and Communication. Learn More

Importance and Obstacles in People's Participation in Building Infrastructres

People’s participation is very important in building infrastructures in Nepal. This note contains a description of importance and obstacles in people's participation in building infrastructures. Learn More

Our Custom and Traditions

Our lifestyle is influenced by our social aspirations which also determine the norms and values. Directly and indirectly, religion shapes our rites and rituals, feasts and festivals, offerings and worships. This note contains the description of our social custom and traditions. Learn More

Finding Solutions to Social Problems

Social problems have drawn the attention of many aware people. Finding a solution to social problems is a concern of many people including those involved in social welfare. This note contains a description of finding out solutions to our social problems. Learn More

Role of National Organizations in Social Reformation

Hundreds of Nepali organizations both governmental and nongovernmental are working in the field of social reformations. CWIN, INSEC, Maiti Nepal etc are some the examples of social organization. This note contains a description of a role of national organizations in a social reformation of Nepal. Learn More

Our earth

Our earth is the only planet known to have a life due to the presence of air, water and moderate temperature conditions. This note contains a description of different features and our earth. Learn More

Longitude and Time

More than 2,000 years ago, Greek astronomers knew that the earth was a sphere, and was able to make measurements find the approximate size of its diameter. This note contains a description on longitude and how to represent position using longitude and latitude. Learn More

World Time Zones

For convenient and practical international time relations, the earth in divided into 24 time zones with an interval of 15° that equals 1 hour. The international date line passes along the 180° longitude, except on inhabited islands in the pacific. This note contains further description on Greenwich mean time and international date line. Learn More

Standard Meridian and Standard Time

The time calculated on the basis of the distance between prime meridian and the longitude of a certain place in known as local time. This note contains a description of Standard Meridian and Standard Time. Learn More

Representing Distances

Scale in the ratio between the distance on the map and the distance on the real ground. It shows how many times the map has been reduced from the real size of the area it represents. This note contains a description of finding distances on the map. Learn More

Problems of Nepalese Agriculture and their Solutions

In Nepal, the economy is dominated by agriculture. We have not been able to improve our agriculture a lot. It is in still traditional and labour-intensive. This note contains description on Problems of Nepalese Agriculture and their Solutions. Learn More

Graphs and Charts

Line graph shows the relationship between two variable quantities in two axes while Pie chart shows the quantities of various things in different slices of the circle. This note teaches how to draw Graphs and Charts Learn More

Importance and International Understanding

Conflict is known as a serious disagreement or argument. Countries need to understand each other and try to maintain good relationships. This note contains a description of Importance and International Understanding. Learn More

Advancing Science and Technology and Current Affairs

Globalization is getting a hold on trade, tourism, games and sports and so on. It is essential for everyone to be well-acquainted with what is happening in the world. This note contains a description on advancement gained by science and technology and its application in current affairs. Learn More

Impact of Advancement of Science and Technology on Human Life

Human life has been totally altered and much bettered with the advancement of science and technology. This note contains a description of the impact of Science and technology on human life. Learn More

Nepal’s Relation with Other Countries

Nepal have a good relationship with foreign countries like Canada, France etc. Canada is among the top 20 countries for buying Nepalese exports. This note contains a description of Nepal’s relation with other countries. Learn More

Climate Change: One of Our Greatest Challenges

The climate is the average weather pattern in the certain area experienced over a long time. Climate varies from place to place due to many reasons. This note contains a description of Climate Change; One of Our Greatest Challenges. Learn More

Australia: Physical Features

Australia is both a continent and country. Australia is physically divided into three physical zones: The west is a plateau, Center is plain, the Great Australian Bight in the south. This note contains a description of Physical Features of Australia. Learn More

From Globe to Map

Making a world map means representing the curved surface of a whole sphere on a flat piece of paper. This note contains information about sketch map and political map. Learn More

South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation

The formation of an association to work together is a very important step forward for everyone in the region.SAARC came into existence formally on 8th December 1985. This note has information about SAARC. Learn More

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