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Subject: Grammar

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Tag Questions

Tag Question is always used after the statement. It is used to justify or to verify the statement or to make sure about statement Even in Nepali, tag questions are used.


  1. If the statement is affirmative, the tag is written in negative but if statement is negative, then the tag is in affirmative.
    He rides bicycle, doesn't he?
    He does not ride bicycle, does he?

  2. After statement (,) written and tag begins with small letters.

  3. In tag, pronouns are generally used. If there is the proper noun in the statement, according to number and gender pronouns are used in the tag.
    Hari and Mohan play football, don't they?
    (Note: We use they because Hari and Mohan are proper noun and they is used instead of both.)

  4. If the statement is affirmative, helping verbs are used as follows:
    • can = can't
    • will = won't
    • shall = shan't
    • am/ 'm/ 're = aren't
    • am not = am
    • 's + other words = is
    • 've + ...... = haven't
    • 'd + v3 = hadn't
    • 'll = won't/ shan't
    • 'd + better = hadn't
    • 'd = rather = wouldn't
    • 'd + v1 = wouldn't
    • 'd + have + v3 = wouldn't
    • have/ has/ had + v3 = haven't/ hasn't/ hadn't
    • have/ has/ had + N.P. + ...... = haven't/ hasn't/ hadn't
    • has/ have/ had/ no main verb + no main verb = doesn't/ didn't/ don't
    v1 = don't
    v2 = didn't
    v3 = doesn't
    (Note: If statement is negative 'not' is used in tag, then in tag short form of not i.e. n't is used.)

  5. If a sentence is imperative + affirmative, the tag is written will you/ won't you but if it is negative then only 'will you' is used.
    • Let's + ...... = shall we
    • Let us + will you
    • have/ please/ kindly ........ = will you

  6. If in the place of statement nothing, everything, this, that is used then, in tag 'it' is used.
    All are absent, isn't it?

  7. In the place of subject nobody, no one, somebody, someone, anybody, anyone, everybody, everyone, all, these, those are used, then the tag comes with 'they'.

  8. If a sentence begins with one, in tag also 'one' is used.

  9. If a sentence begins with there, in tag also 'there' is used.

Things to remember
  • It includes every relationship which established among the people.
  • There can be more than one community in a society. Community smaller than society.
  • It is a network of social relationships which cannot see or touched.
  • common interests and common objectives are not necessary for society.

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