Subject: Grammar

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  1. Set a fox to watch a lamb.
  2. A beggar can never be bankrupt.
  3. Marriage is a lottery.
  4. Keep a dog and bank oneself.
  5. Beat one with his own stuff.
  6. When an ass kicks you never tell it.
  7. The door is wider than house.
  8. Quality speaks for itself
  9. One drop of poison affects whole ton of wine.
  10. Do or die
  11. He that seeks trouble, never misses.
  12. Who is bad to his own, is bad to himself.
  13. One bears the pains, another has the gains.
  14. A black woman hath turpentine in her.
  15. Casting pearls before swine.
  16. Penny wise pound foolish.

Things to remember
  • It includes every relationship which established among the people.
  • There can be more than one community in a society. Community smaller than society.
  • It is a network of social relationships which cannot see or touched.
  • common interests and common objectives are not necessary for society.

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