Subject: Grammar

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  1. a bird’s eye view: view at a glance
  2. in bad odor: unpopular
  3. a lame excuse: unsatisfactory reason
  4. a man of letters: scholar
  5. a man of parts: a man of ability
  6. a man of spirit: courageous
  7. a man of straw: a man without opinion of himself
  8. an apple of disorder: a matter of fight
  9. a ship of pen: slight mistake in writing
  10. all in all: all power vested in one
  11. a slip of the tongue: a slight mistake in speaking
  12. a snake in the grass: secret enemy
  13. bed of roses: comfortable roses
  14. birds of feather: men of same nature
  15. bolt from the blue: sudden mishap
  16. cock- and- bull story: false story
  17. crocodile tears: showy tears
  18. hue and cry: noise
  19. ins and outs: details
  20. open secret: secret known to everyone
  21. Three R’s: reading, writing, arithmetic
  22. jack of all traders: one knows something or everything
  23. the long and short: summary
  24. the man in the street: an ordinary man
  25. the sum and the substance: summary
  26. up and doing: busy
  27. at sixes and sevens: in a disorder manner
  28. chicken hearted: timid
  29. double minded: fickle
  30. fast and loose: deceitful
  31. hole and comes: secret
  32. null and void: invalid
  33. open-handed: frank with money
  34. open-hearted: frank
  35. out of the way: lonely , seduced
  36. well off: rich
  37. above board: not secret
  38. at all: in the least
  39. at random: without aim
  40. at most: maximum
  41. before long: soon
  42. by and by: after an interview
  43. by far: decidedly
  44. by no means: in no way
  45. for good: forever
  46. in vain: no fruitful result
  47. in a body: together
  48. by the by: incidentally
  49. in the long run: eventually
  50. of course: naturally
  51. off and on: irregularly
  52. on and on: regularly
  53. on the contrary: rather
  54. the other day: not long ago
  55. through & through: fully
  56. to and fro: backward and forward
  57. to the contrary: to the opposite effect
  58. to be about: to be engaged in
  59. to be up to: to be familiar with
  60. to be up and doing: to be active
  61. to be will up in: to be mastered thoroughly
  62. to get by heart: to memorize
  63. to get rid of: to be free from
  64. to be cut to the quick: to be very sorry
  65. to cast a spell: to lay a charm
  66. to hold good: to be applicable to
  67. to play false: to deserve
  68. in spite of: not withstanding
  69. in case: if
  70. as such: therefore
  71. at ease: free from cares
  72. bid fair to: show promise
  73. cold reception: poor regard
  74. ere long: soon
  75. from the cradle: from childhood
  76. happy-go-lucky: carefree
  77. high-handed: despotic (arbitrary)
  78. in a nutshell: in brief
  79. tit for tat: blow for blow
  80. to nip in the bud: to destroy in the begin

Some important words

  • fiction: a story based on imaginary things
  • pastimes: entertainment
  • undaunted: courageous
  • latent: secret
  • callous: hard
  • wistfully: eagerness
  • wear out: weathering
  • rejoice: pleasure

Things to remember
  • It includes every relationship which established among the people.
  • There can be more than one community in a society. Community smaller than society.
  • It is a network of social relationships which cannot see or touched.
  • common interests and common objectives are not necessary for society.

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